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2015 Australian Guidelines for the protection of health information

A resource to assist healthcare professionals, health information, privacy and security professionals to protect personal health information.

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Percentage of global Cryptolocker ransomware attacks targeted at Australian hosts

Average total cost ($USD) of a privacy data breach to a company

Cost ($USD) incurred to a company per stolen healthcare record

Australia had the second highest number of ransomware detections in Q1 of 2015 in the world

Why do I need HISA Guidelines for my organisation?



Maximise confidentiality of your organisation’s health data.


Learn about best practices in the field.


Identify gaps and enhance existing practices.


Develop, implement or improve your information protection programme.



Minimise privacy threats for your organisation.


Learn about new privacy laws and technologies.

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About the guidelines

Dr Louise Schaper
If you are in the business of healthcare, whatever stage you are at on your digital health journey, this comprehensive guide to the protection of heath information is essential for reducing your risk.

Prof Patricia Williams
Healthcare providers and organisations have a responsibility to protect the patient information they are the custodians of. These Guidelines provide established best practice for PHI protection and reduces the risk of inappropriate and insecure handling of personal and sensitive information.

Don Newsham (Former COACH CEO)
[On collaboration of COACH and HISA on Guidelines] “This initiative is deeply rooted in COACH’s commitment to strengthening the use and impact of health informatics (HI) professionalism and practice and also well founded in the strong collaboration between HISA and COACH on many fronts.

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About the editors

Peter Croll
Consultant for Trustworthy ICT Solutions

Peter is a research leader in Health Informatics with over 35 years’ experience in ICT serving both industry and academia. Since 1998 he has focused his safety engineering skills on eHealth systems.

Prof Patricia Williams
Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University

Trish is e-health Research Group Leader and Associate Professor in the School of Computer and Security Science, Edith Cowan University, WA. She is Internationally recognised for her medical information security expertise, she applies 30 years’ experience in healthcare computing to practical outcomes in health security, mobile health, data quality, governance, and e-health software safety.

Emma Hossack
CEO, Extensia

Emma practised as commercial lawyer and completed her Masters of Law focusing on privacy and shared health records and currently serves as the President of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (iappANZ). She is the CEO of Extensia, a leading Australian supplier of software for the health care sector and CEO of Edocx, an information logistics platforms used across all sectors.

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